PRESMAR has an equipped plant to make formulations of other products such as:

  1. Fertilizers.
  2. Enhancers.
  3. Compost derived from seaweed.
  4. Solvents for domestic use.

In these plants there is a corresponding automated packing line, equipped of all the necessary means for packing in any format.

As for the solids formulations (Dustable Powders, Dispersible Granules, etc.), PRESMAR has packaging lines both in winding spool and in premade containers.

For every product for packing, the costumer decides whether he/she provides with materials that he/she considers appropriate or lets PRESMAR to take care of the whole packing process.

For each and every product for packing, the Client and PRESMAR will sign a confidentiality agreement. We will work as if we were his/her own factory, always preserving all information and materials.

In all cases, the client will always confirm that the product for packing is properly registered and authorized for placing on the market.