One of the PRESMAR´s plants dedicated to produce INSECTICIDES, following the criterion of isolation between manufacturing plants in order to avoid cross-contamination.

Liquid insecticides are elaborated in this plant, irrespective of the supporting carrier.

In these plants there is a corresponding automated packing line, equipped of all the necessary means for packing in any format.

As for the solids formulations (Dustable Powders, Dispersible Granules, etc.), PRESMAR has packaging lines both in winding spool and in premade containers.

For every product for packing, the costumer decides whether he/she provides with materials that he/she considers appropriate or lets PRESMAR to take care of the whole packing process.

For each and every product for packing, the Client and PRESMAR will sign a confidentiality agreement. We will work as if we were his/her own factory, always preserving all information and materials.

In all cases, the client will always confirm that the product for packing is properly registered and authorized for placing on the market.

We are aware of the lack of predictability in the industrial sector and, therefore, we know very well the impossibility to give notice in advance about the production and the quantities and the urgent need to prepare a particular product in a specific time without prior notice. From the beginning, PRESMAR is aimed at facing this kind of situations and is specialized in responding quickly and effectively to any particular order in the least time possible. So far, we have achieved this goal perfectly well since it is one of our commercial pillars.