Nowadays its getting increasingly common the use, in our agriculture, of ecological agriculture certified fertilizing and phytosanitary products. That’s why PRESMAR has made his best effort to comply with ecological regulations, having compliant facilities, technology, and procedures that fit the standards requested by the UNE 142500 regulation, regarding supplies allowed in ecological production – fertilizers, growing media; and in the case of UNE 315500, supplies allower in ecological vegetal production – Products for pest and disease control.

 The UNE regulations about supplies suitable for ecological agriculture are the ones offer the biggest guarantee both for the producer as well as for the ecological agriculturist, since they are the only regulations of its kind certified by ENAC, which submit the certifying entities to rigorous controls of its procedures of certification.

These adaptations are a reality and our clients, who are already formulating and repacking its ecological products suitable for ecological agriculture in our facilities complying with all requirements set by the UNE regulations and passing successfully the audits requested by the regulations thanks to the prestigious authorized certifying entities in the ecological agriculture sector, such as CAAE or SOHISCERT, among others.

For each and every product set to produce, a confidentiality contract will be sign by PRESMAR, the client, and the authorized certifying entity, since we are aware that, we will act like if it was the client’s own factory, always preserving all information and materials.

In every case, the client will always ensure that the product to be manufactured will be properly registered, its formula is considered as suitable for ecological agriculture according to the standards set by the previously mentioned regulations, and its commercialization its authorized as well.