As one of its main objectives, PRESMAR keeps a flexible and varied service. This goal is supported by automatic and semiautomatic packers with capacity to produce any kind of product from 10 cc to IBC to 1.000 l. We have specially prepared plants to packing and repacking phytosanitaries, Special Products, biocides, etc. We do not only attend to the needs of each production, but we also pack those semi-finished or already formulated products that our clients send us.

In PRESMAR, we do not only attend to the needs of production, but we also pack those already formulated products sent by our clients.

For every product for packing, the costumer decides whether he/she provides with materials that he/she considers appropriate or lets PRESMAR to take care of the whole packing process.

For each and every product for packing, the Client and PRESMAR will sign a confidentiality agreement. We will work as if we were his/her own factory, always preserving all information and materials.

In all cases, the client will always confirm that the product for packing is properly registered and authorized for placing on the market.

To that end, we have two additional packaging line totally automatized.

For the sake of the complete traceability control of the fabricated and/or packaged product, all the lines have the best quality (continuous label rolls or spools, induction thermos-sealers, inject machines for batching, etc.).